Most French Households Are Worried About Money, Says E.Leclerc

"Learn about French households' financial worries highlighted by E.Leclerc's survey, amidst inflation and global concerns."


4/12/20241 min read

leclerc, French Households
leclerc, French Households

A study by E. Leclerc found that most French families (81%) worry about having enough money.

They worry about inflation, health issues, climate change, conflicts like the one in Ukraine.

The survey also shows that French families are making a concerted effort to maintain their standard of living.

People don’t feel very optimistic about the future. About 80% think things will get worse.

Almost everyone (92%) is now more careful with their money. Many (34%) are very careful about how much they spend when shopping.

Many people cut back on things like energy, travel, food, and entertainment. They worry that life is getting harder and they can’t handle it.

But despite these concerns, the survey shows that French families are looking for ways to cope. They look for discounts, use money-back apps, track spending, .

Buying inexpensive raw materials and saving on gas is smart in terms of how you travel.

Almost two-thirds (65%) of families have considered ways to stretch their budget further, so they can still enjoy life and buy what they need.

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