2023 Hasso Plattner Award Winners Celebrated

Explore the groundbreaking projects honored at the 2023 Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award ceremony, showcasing innovation and excellence within SAP.


3/13/20242 min read


At a digital gala attended by about 50,000 employees worldwide, SAP SE's executive board rolled out the red carpet to reveal the winners of the 2023 Hasso Plattner Founders' Award, turning it into the cream of the crop a special act.

When one hundred and fifteen nominations from over 750 entrepreneurs from 35 countries were analysed, three distinct teams emerged winners in the categories of market penetration, productivity, product and technology, and not only what motivates them and their growth They represented an example of innovation and teamwork in SAP's dynamic environment.

The go-to-market category was won by the project of an advanced quiz called "Reimagined RISE with SAP Business Case with SAP Signavio and SAP Value Lifecycle Manager Integration." This process of pitching cloud solutions to customers has an ever-challenging workplace environment Prevent the challenge. Leveraging SAP Signavio's business process management solution, the Cost Advisory Group developed a robust billing proposal, backed by hard facts, gained deep customer trust, and drove SAP operations into production.

Meanwhile, the Operational Excellence category toasted the success of "Plutus: Rate Optimisation and Management," a game-changing effort aimed at optimising SAP cloud services Leveraging the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), developed by the Plutus team, Simplifies operations and provides significant cost savings. Built with more than $920 million in savings, Plutus exemplified SAP’s commitment to digital sustainability and business excellence.

The product-technology success project "CAP and CapGPT: SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and Generative AI" heralds a new era of simplicity and efficiency in app development Born in 2018 to simplify SAP BTP development, CAP has evolved a transformation system that has empowered thousands of developers around the world . Meanwhile, capGPT, an innovative application using generative AI, has revolutionised the prototyping process, demonstrating SAP’s commitment to innovation and capability

As a token of appreciation, SAP introduced charitable donations totaling €30,000 to be shared among 3 charities selected by the triumphing teams: Better Shelter, World Central Kitchen, and Embrace Global.

The 2023 Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award winners were no longer simply impressed with their projects but additionally embodied SAP's core values of innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility. As SAP continues its adventure of digital transformation, these groups serve as shining examples of what can be performed through willpower, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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