Amcor wins eight Flexible Packaging Association Awards

Amcor wins eight prestigious awards from the Flexible Packaging Association, showcasing their commitment to excellence in packaging innovation."


3/22/20242 min read

Amcor wins
Amcor wins

Amcor wins eight Flexible Packaging!

Amcor, the leading global organization known for its commitment to sustainable packaging solutions, proudly accepts eight packaging awards that it produces a total of eight weaknesses to identify the level of acceptance of innovation and environmental offerings in the industry.

The prestigious awards ceremony took place last night at the 2024 Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) Annual Meeting in Tucson, Arizona

Brian Carville, vice president of research and development for Amcor Flexibles North America, expressed gratitude, “We are honored to receive recognition from the FPA for our innovative developments that positively impact our customers. 

Amcor’s award-winning packaging exemplifies our commitment to using material science and packaging technology to advance our customers while improving customer experience.”

Since 1956, the FPA Achievement Awards have celebrated innovation in the packaging industry. This year saw a record-breaking 333 entries, which ended with 22 outstanding contributions being recognized.

Amcor’s success stories span a variety of packaging categories and categories, including:

1. McCoy™ Dunnage Free IBC Liners: This innovative solution for bulk aseptic products won three awards, including gold for sustainability and silver for expansion packaging a flexibility and innovative technology are designed to reduce waste and costs while increasing product sustainability -the gallon bulk liner offers per-ply co -polymer blend and reduced materials serve to increase stability, thereby eliminating the need for secondary packaging materials

2. Tyson Foods Foam Tray Replacement: Recognized with a Silver Award for Sustainability, this collaboration between Amcor and Tyson introduces a sustainable alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS) trays commonly used in fresh poultry applications, showcasing advancements in packaging technology.

3. Healthcare™ Amsky™ Blister System: Awarded a Silver Medal For Sustainability, This groundbreaking PVC-free and aluminum-free thermoformed solution provides methodology for pharmaceutical and dietary supplement packaging, another environmentally friendly use of high density polyethylene recycled materials.

4. Dual Frozen Yogurt Package: The winner of three awards including a gold for technical innovation and a silver spread for the use of flexible packaging, this imaginative yogurt pouch developed by Amcor and Gualapack Brasil empowers consumers to enjoy the ingredients of yogurt or frozen confectionery meets market demand Purposeful integration of new product disclosures.

Laetitia Sanchez, marketing director of Amcor Flexibles Latin America, emphasized the company’s commitment to collaborative innovation: “At Amcor, we prioritize collaborative efforts with brand owners to develop solutions meeting evolving market needs. The success of Danoninho Ice exemplifies the diversification results of such partnerships.”

About Amcor

Amcor remains a global leader in the development and manufacture of sustainable packaging solutions in a variety of industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home and personal care, and more ho supply chains worldwide Working with major corporations In fiscal year 2023, Amcor's 41,000 employees at 218 locations in 41 countries generated annual sales of $14.7 billion. (NYSE:AMCR; ASX:AMC) (Insider). For more information visit

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