Amplifying the Influence of Branding

Explore the transformative power of branding in the fresh produce sector. Discover how strategic branding can reshape market dynamics and consumer preferences in our in-depth analysis.


3/3/20242 min read

Influence of Branding! For years, Britain's supermarket aisles have been dominated by own-label products, particularly in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector. That landscape is changing as escalating costs and challenging market conditions start to squeeze margins. The shift begets the inevitable question: Has its own label lost its edge in the produce section?

Although branded goods have enjoyed preferences by consumers in different categories, when it comes to fresh produce, brands are remarkably less. Now, the question that is arising with a head is whether branded fruits and vegetables can carve out more space and be the name chosen by buyers.

To do this, we are starting a new section on our website: "The Power of Branding," where we will dedicate our efforts to researching the expanding role of brands in the market of fresh produce in the UK. In the coming months, this section will be a very lively forum for ideas and discussions about the strategic importance of branding within this industry.

Under a partnership with Coregeo, one of the world's leading fresh produce brand management experts, responsible for brands such as Pink Lady® and Tenderstem®, Fresh Produce Journal (FPJ) today embarks on a detailed exploration of the branding landscape within the UK fresh produce sector. This collaboration aims to uncover how effective produce branding works and even predicts likely changes such branding is to bring into the market.

Our unique microsite will be the place for people to find deep analysis and expert opinions from Coregeo. You will receive a rich mix of the kind of content on offer: brand insights, industry news, and forward-looking perspectives on the role that brands could play in enhancing the value and appeal of fresh fruits and vegetables in Britain.

Helming that investigation into the future of the branding of fresh produce in the UK will be Fred Searle, FPJ's Editor, who is relishing the opportunity to lead it. The move is reflective of a growing realization that branded products could become more prominent than they did in what, for many years, has been seen as a generic industry.

By borrowing from the successes of leading brands such as Pink Lady® and Tenderstem® and understanding their strategies, which underpin market appeal, we intend that we will have provided a full all-round view of how branding can influence consumer tastes, purchase habits, and likely market dynamics within the fresh produce sector.

In the section "The Power of Branding," brings stakeholders and, in fact, the marketer and consumer on board to a discussion series. This is an adventure that does not consist only of an observation of market tendencies, but rather an active participation to bring a new market paradigm, where brands are key players in the sector of fresh produce.

Join us over the forthcoming months as we unpick the evolving tale of branding within the fresh produce sector and reflect on the brand's future in the competitive marketing mix when UK fresh fruit and vegetable businesses are sold to consumers.

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