SAP seeks partners: Expand AppHaus Network in North America.

Explore SAP's expansion of the AppHaus Network, inviting new partners in North America to join their innovative ecosystem.


3/8/20242 min read

AppHaus Network
AppHaus Network

SAP intends to expand its SAP AppHaus Network in North America and is on the lookout for SAP partners interested in joining the network to deploy additional locations. The SAP AppHaus centres act as customer-centric centers, reflecting SAP’s commitment to putting the human experience at the forefront of innovation. The first SAP AppHaus was launched in 2013, and the network has since grown to include 23 locations worldwide, with three operated by SAP and 19 by partners

At the core of the SAP AppHaus Network is the belief that successful innovation requires collaboration, teamwork, stimulating environments, and a focus on human-centered design Through design by combining conceptual and architectural concepts, SAP ensures that its solutions are not only technically feasible but empirically desirable and economically viable. This approach emphasizes the importance of people, structure and place in advancing innovation.

Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer, the global head of the SAP AppHaus Partner Network, emphasizes the significant business outcomes achieved through SAP's human-centric approach to innovation. By involving end users, IT professionals, and business stakeholders in a systematic manner, SAP facilitates higher user satisfaction and reduces the training effort required for new solutions. 

This approach also enables customers to leverage the latest technologies, such as SAP Business AI, to their advantage in the short term.

Recognizing the growingBirgit Fien-Schmalzbauer, head of the global SAP AppHaus Partner Network, highlights the significant business results driven by SAP’s people-driven approach to innovation. By systematically engaging end users, IT professionals, and executives, SAP facilitates higher user satisfaction and reduces the training effort required for solutions on the other hand. 

This approach also enables customers to take advantage of the latest technologies such as SAP Business AI for their benefit in a short period of time.

Seeing a growing demand for human-centric customer engagement, SAP has identified North America as the next region to expand its AppHaus Network.

 The decision to expand into this area comes as clients seek help in navigating changing market conditions and leveraging sophisticated technology throughout their business transformation journey the. Currently, there are three SAP AppHaus locations in North America: SAP AppHaus Palo Alto, ConvergentIS AppHaus Calgary in Canada, and Mindset AppHaus Minneapolis in the US

Given SAP’s call for for customer engagement, North America has been diagnosed as the following area to increase its AppHaus Network. 

The decision to extend into this location comes as clients are searching for help in navigating changing marketplace conditions and leveraging sophisticated generation throughout their enterprise transformation adventure the. Currently, there are 3 SAP AppHaus places in North America: SAP AppHaus Palo Alto, ConvergentIS AppHaus Calgary in Canada, and Mindset AppHaus Minneapolis in the US

Thorsten Leiduck, worldwide head of the SAP Business Technology Platform Ecosystem at SAP, highlights the AppHaus Network’s commitment to customers in North America. 

He emphasises that the offerings provided by companions in the community permit customers to enjoy the revolutionary, human-centric applications supplied by using SAP’s corporation technology platform. This approach provides the customer with a aggressive advantage with the aid of fostering a way of life of innovation and SAP generation to beautify their enterprise strategies.

Carlos Estala Velasco, area lead at SAP AppHaus Partner Network Americas, expresses his interest in riding the expansion of the network in the space. He looks forward to creating more innovation possibilities for local customers through the AppHouse network.

Invite peer affiliates to use a group in the SAP AppHaus Network. Partners can access the SAP AppHaus Network website to request presentation templates or download additional data. The software period is open until April 30, 2024, and threatens peers to be part of SAP’s modern ecosystem in North America and beyond.

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