New Large-Format Romaine by Backyard Farms®

"Discover Backyard Farms®' new launch: large-format, greenhouse-grown Romaine lettuce, offering unmatched freshness and flavor!"


3/6/20242 min read

Backyard Farms
Backyard Farms

On March 5, 2024, a brand new phenomenon was unveiled within the world of agriculture in the beautiful city of Kingsville, Ontario. Mastronardi Produce, a venerable organization with 4 generations of know-how in this discipline, has all over again shown its pioneering spirit. This time, the communication is about their modern-day task—an improved, greenhouse-grown romaine lettuce, now to be had in the esteemed Backyard Farms® lettuce range. This effort marks Mastronardi Produce as the only greenhouse grower to have stepped into the developing romaine niche, supplying a manufactured from remarkable exceptional

Peppe Bonfiglio, Vice President of Marketing at Mastronardi Produce, shared his satisfaction at this groundbreaking fulfillment. "The introduction of our greenhouse-grown romaine is revolutionary within the salad industry," he stated. "We're proud to be the first greenhouse growers in North America to reap a dense, complete-bodied romaine."

Traveling and developing great styles of lettuce requires the trendy agricultural era and decades of breeding and farming expertise The result is the Backyard Farms lettuce range, that's a testament to that that Mastronardi Produce is dedicated to excellence and innovation

The cultivation of large romaine varieties presents unique challenges, as they thrive under specific environmental conditions. Peppe explained, "Growing this kind of romaine requires precision. Our growers carefully monitor the weather and monitor the plants constantly, adjusting the conditions carefully to achieve the best possible conditions if." they can grow."

The production of romaine lettuce is remarkable for its impressive size, vibrant color and soft, succulent leaves. Served in attractive poly bags, the salad is available in a convenient resealable club format, all under the trusted Backyard Farms logo

Retailers have long wanted greenhouse-grown romaine lettuce, and Mastronardi Produce has answered their call. "We offer a product that rivals field-grown romaine in terms of size but surpasses it in terms of the benefits of greenhouse farming, such as increased flavor, color, and consistency," Peppe added ho "We are keen to replicate our success with the tomato and berry portion of the salad category."

Backyard Farms has been a devoted follower, famous for its intimate, vine-ripened tomatoes in Maine, where the themed "always tomato season" icon entered the salad market in spring 2023, for its served-up to include loads of greens and reduced ready-eating salad

Attendees of the SEPC Southern Exposure trade show have the opportunity to experience Backyard Farms Romaine and the entire lineup of pure greens in person at Sales Location 631.

Mastronardi Produce Ltd.® stands as a beacon in the gourmet greenhouse industry, adding award-winning product lines to its SUNSET®, Backyard Farms®, BerryWorld®, and Queen of Greens® manufacturers Own family-run enterprise of flavorful with properties extending over seven Establishes a program of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, berries, and lettuce

Backyard Farms maintains its dedication to providing locally grown, greenhouse tomatoes for 12 months, against seasonal restrictions. Backyard Farms products in the Maine network are staples throughout the Northeast and Midwest, ensuring customers receive the freshest produce, delivered from the greenhouse where it is stored directly.

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