Budweiser Collaborates with Artist Peter Blake for Innovative 'Pop Art' Can

"Experience the innovative 'Pop Art' can collaboration between Budweiser and artist Peter Blake. Explore iconic design and refreshing taste in every sip."


3/22/20241 min read

Budweiser Collaborates
Budweiser Collaborates

Renowned painter Sir Peter Blake, The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover, teamed up with Budweiser to create a unique project – a series of Pop-Art inspired movements.

Launching exclusively in Tesco stores in the UK, the cans will make their debut at a street show in London's Shoreditch on March 23, where the AB InBev-owned brand will feature a 'fridge frame' announced for opening the whole world has been revealed.

Under the title "The Power Of Art", Blake expressed his enthusiasm saying, “I have always believed that art can overcome barriers and unite with people from all walks of life and it is truly passionate like me to collaborate with American culture icon Budweiser” .

Highlighting the return of Pop Art back to its origins, Blake added, “With this limited capacity, we aim to bring Pop Art back to the masses and inspire everyone so that he does not see the beauty in art in his daily life”.

Each limited-edition can bear Blake's signature and is available in a four-pack. Beyond his work with The Beatles, Blake's portfolio includes iconic designs for Oasis' Stop The Clocks and Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas?, alongside collaborations with various artists and musicians.

Reflecting on this collaboration, Budweiser's Global Brands Director, Jessica McGeorge, commented, “This iconic collaboration with Sir Peter Blake celebrates his artistic brilliance and our cultural heritage, offering individuals a piece of Pop Art history with every refreshing sip of Budweiser.

We eagerly anticipate bringing together beer enthusiasts and art lovers to experience the Pop Art can, accompanied by the innovative fridge frame.”

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