A Somerset Wildlife Photographer's Images Will Soon Be On Co-Op Greeting Cards In 1,000 Stores

A Co-op listing is in the works for a budding wildlife photographer from Somerset, whose captivating images are gracing greeting cards available in 1,000 stores.


4/8/20243 min read

Co-Op Greeting Cards In 1,000 Stores
Co-Op Greeting Cards In 1,000 Stores

In the heart of the picturesque Somerset countryside, talented young wildlife and nature photographer Ben Puletz is poised to make waves in the retail world as his iconic imagery finds a new home on greeting card sales in more than 1,000 Co-op stores across the United Kingdom What began as a promising curiosity from Ben to Co-op has blossomed into a wonderful collaboration, resulting in a collection of six self-contained greeting cards featuring Ben’s natural world in spectacular illustrations

Ben, 21, from Charlton Adam, near Summerton, Somerset, embarked on this journey a year ago when he approached the Co-op with his fantastic wildlife and nature photography department Life and energy filled with her collections of natural beauty in its purest form Displays - everything from cute dogs and stalking rabbits to delicate bees and bird affectionate paintings a it’s fun in blooming daisies. It was these striking images that caught the attention of the Co-op's greeting card shoppers, sparking a collaboration to grace the shelves of Co-op stores nationwide with Ben's artwork

Impressed by Ben’s plans, the Co-op wasted no time in teaming up with Ben and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) to bring these beautiful images to life in greeting cards what in comes a harmonious mix of art and advocacy, with Co-op and RSPB next to Ben's signature image on each card Cards with logos and set to be displayed in the Co-op store of 1,000 species starting this month is not only a celebration of nature’s majesty but also a testament to the power of unity for worthy causes.

In addition to showcasing Ben’s talent, the collaboration has deeper meaning as the Co-op pledges a generous donation of £10,000 to the RSPB in recognition of its partnership with Ben. The signs are especially meaningful for Ben whose passion for nature and conservation knows no bounds, reflecting his long-standing commitment to protecting the natural world It is a sentiment that Co- op whose ambitious three-year partnership with the RSPB aims to manage UK peatlands includes a restored story to tackle climate change and protect biodiversity and to support efforts to the importance of conservation a f.

For Ben, this milestone represents the culmination of years of dedication to his art. At 17, she launched her website Feathers and Hills as a platform to share her photographs with the world. Since then, his talent has received international recognition, including a top category win at the Siena International Awards in 2021. But for Ben, the thrill of seeing his' work shown in Co-op stores is incomparable, a testament to the power of dreams through hard work , and he realized with determination.

As the cards make their debut in Co-op stores nationwide, Sophie Martin, Co-op buyer of greeting cards and wrapping paper, expresses her admiration for Ben's designs, them immediate interest and a shared passion for nature that binds the Co-op and Ben sees the possibility . Similarly, Louisa Skevington, product licensing manager at the RSPB, celebrates the partnership as an opportunity to showcase Ben’s talents and encourage nature involvement among people of all ages.

Of path, these greeting playing cards are extra than just a manner to ship suitable desires; They are a visual reminder of the splendor and simplicity of the herbal world, captured with the aid of Ben’s lens and taken to lifestyles thru the Co-op’s commitment to social duty and environmental stewardship on. As buyers browse the aisles in their neighborhood Co-op store, they are invited no longer handiest to view Ben’s cool animated film art but to mirror on the importance of keeping our planet for future generations . . . .

For Ben, this collaboration marks a new bankruptcy in his journey as a photographer, packed with limitless possibilities and possibilities to make a significant effect as he eagerly awaits the discovery of his creations gracing the shelves of Co-op stores as he remembers the guide and encouragement from it this season. With every card offered, Ben’s vision of a nature-rich and thriving global movements one step toward fact.

In the busy hallways of the Co-op shops, amidst the hustle and bustle of normal existence, a quiet revolution is taking region - one that celebrates the wonders of nature and the energy of collaboration to have an effect on tremendous trade . . . . Through the lens of Ben’s camera and the generosity of the Co-op, we're reminded that even the smallest gesture could have a large impact on the arena round us. As we ship these greetings to loved ones near and a ways, we bypass on no longer most effective the splendor of Ben’s photography but also our dedication to protect the planet we name home.

For greater facts on Ben's work and to peer his brilliant pictures, visit https://www.Feathersandhills.Com/

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