"Coca-Cola Company names new President & Chief of staff."

"Discover Coca-Cola's new ASEAN & South Pacific President and CEO's Chief of Staff. Stay informed on the latest leadership developments."


3/14/20242 min read

"Coca-Cola Company names
"Coca-Cola Company names

The Coca-Cola Company announced a major leadership change, effective June 1. Current global Coca-Cola trademark operations president Selman Carreaga will take over as president of the Asean South Pacific Operations Unit, replacing Claudia Lorenzo, who will transition to CEO James Quincy.

In his new position, Kerega will report to Henrik Braun, President, International Development, and will be based in Singapore. He will lead a diverse team spanning countries in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Meanwhile, Lorenzo, who has led the ASEAN South Pacific team since 2020, will relocate to Atlanta and serve as chief operating officer to Quincy, where he will work closely with the business leadership team on strategic initiatives

Lorenzo’s appointment as CEO signals a significant shift in leadership dynamics. He will work directly with Quincy to align and prioritise the master plan, leveraging his extensive experience and strategic knowledge. The move follows the departure of Lavella Adams, a former Quincy chief operating officer, who is transitioning to a new role as senior vice president of technology, innovation and supply chain for the North American Business Division

Selman Careaga’s illustrious career at Coca‑Cola spans nearly two decades, during which he held leadership positions in various areas and functions Notably, as President of the Global Coca‑Cola Trademark Business from 2020, Careaga has been instrumental in the brand's global strategy implementation, innovation pipeline and marketing initiatives His leadership led to the Coca‑Cola trademark brand acquiring record value shares and repositioning Kantar 10 brands the most valuable in the world

Extensive background in marketing and strategic leadership makes him ideally suited to lead the growth and development of the ASEAN South Pacific industry Focus on innovation and consumer-centric strategies Carreaga is poised to drive Coca-Cola's these dynamic markets are much stronger.

Having worked extensively at Coca‐Cola, Claudia Lorenzo brings a wealth of experience to her new role as CEO. Having served in a variety of leadership positions in a variety of industries, Lorenzo has demonstrated his ability to drive innovation, digital transformation and sustainability His transition to the executive office builds on Coca-Cola’s takeover target implement internal talent and promote leadership development.

As the organisation moves towards ongoing market dynamics and customer potential, these operational changes reflect Coca-Cola’s strategic technique for succession planning and skill development. Focusing on mounting innovation, operational excellence, and sustainable development, Coca-Cola stands firm in its dedication to deliver value to customers and stakeholders around the world.

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