In The First Quarter, Coca-Cola Hbc Records A 12.6% Increase In Organic Revenue

"Discover the latest financial update: Coca-Cola HBC Records a notable 12.6% rise in organic revenue for the first quarter. Dive into the details here!"


5/2/20241 min read

Coca-Cola Hbc Records
Coca-Cola Hbc Records

Bottle-to-bottle giant Coca-Cola HBC posted strong growth in the first half of its fiscal year. With an impressive 12.6% year-on-year growth in organic revenue, the company attributed this success to the stellar performance of its sparkling, energy and coffee product lines

This growth was driven by a 10.6% increase in organic revenue per transaction, which is a testament to the effective revenue management strategies implemented in the prior year to drive growth smaller 1.8% growth in organic volume, driven primarily by strong performance in emerging and developed markets.

In its product division, while sparkling volumes held steady, the energy coffee segments witnessed impressive double-digit growth of 37.3% and 34.3% respectively .

Despite a modest 1.0% increase in reported revenue mainly due to foreign currency challenges in markets such as Nigeria and Egypt, the company’s organic growth trajectory remained strong

Zoran Bogdanovich, CEO of Coca-Cola HBC AG emphasized the commitment to data-driven decision-making, rapid investment and customized capabilities of its divisions This approach combined with a new brand start-ups and businesses targeting that their market presence will collaborate with customers and intend to be consolidate.

Notable estimates showing impressive organic revenue growth of 5.1% in established markets, 12.5% ​​in emerging markets and 19.0% in emerging markets in quarterly releases, such as Monster Energy Green Zero Sugar is available in 16 markets, highlighted the company’s commitment to expand its offerings and market reach.

Growth in the coffee segment was driven by increased recruitment efforts, particularly in luxury back-of-home operations. In addition, strategic initiatives such as the expansion of Finlandia Vodka distribution in Ireland and the acquisition of BDS Vending demonstrate Coca-Cola HBC’s commitment to increased capacity and go-to-market operations

Looking ahead, the company remains optimistic, aiming for a medium-term organic revenue growth target of 6%-7%. With EBIT growth expected to be in the range of 3% to 9%, Bogdanovich expressed confidence in tackling macroeconomic challenges while on track to meet financial objectives and drive sustainable growth.

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