Despar Italia Partners Invest In Store Upgrades

Discover the latest renovations at Despar Italia Supermarket in Turin and INTERSPAR Hypermarket in Policoro, focusing on enhanced shopping experiences and sustainability."


Andrew Highins

7/2/20242 min read

Despar Italia Partners Invest In Store Upgrades
Despar Italia Partners Invest In Store Upgrades

DESPAR Italia association members Nord Ovest and Centro Sud recently celebrated the grand reopening of their SPAR Supermarkets and INTERSPAR stores after extensive renovations. These developments aim to provide customers with an improved shopping experience while embracing sustainability.

DESPAR Nord Ovest: Turin retail store

The DESPAR flagship store in Piazza de Amicis in Turin is a shining example of DESPAR Nord Ovest’s commitment to developing and expanding its retail network Through recent renovations, the store is proud to be updates and an improved shopping experience.

Inside, customers can enjoy a variety of features and departments. The supermarket has fresh produce including fruit and vegetables, a butcher, bakery and fresh cheese. Customers will also be able to find all their food essentials, with a selection of local produce and DESPAR Italia’s various brands available.

Sustainability is at the heart of this store’s growth. In addition to state-of-the-art enclosed refrigerated counters, energy-efficient LED lighting and innovative solutions to reduce environmental footprints, the store participates in a supportive Too Good To Go program saves unsold food and reduces food waste.

DESPAR Centro Sud: Policoro Department Store

The INTERSPAR hypermarket in Polikoro has also reopened, showcasing a mix of sustainable innovation and modernity. This renovation is in line with the concept of the Format 35 shop which has been developed in collaboration with DESPAR Centro Sud, University of Parma and SPAR International.

Every department in the hypermarket has been revamped, from the freshly prepared foods to the bakery, butchers, fishmongers and fresh produce section. The grocery assortment is extensive, meeting all customers’ needs and is a one-stop solution.

At Polikoro Hypermarket, energy efficiency and safety are top priorities. The installation of an LED lighting system and advanced CO2 cooling technology ensures a high level of safety and reliability while conserving energy.

Embracing Sustainability And Modernization

Both the DESPAR supermarket in Turin and the INTERSPAR supermarket in Polikoro emphasize the importance of sustainability in their maintenance. By participating in projects like Too Good To Go that incorporate energy-efficient technology, these stores are creating a framework for environmentally friendly retail practices.

Customers can expect an excellent shopping experience with a modern store layout, product range and a commitment to sustainability. DESPAR Italia’s efforts reflect a thoughtful approach that responds to the evolving needs of its customers and the environment.

In conclusion, these reopened stores mark a step forward for DESPAR Italia. With a focus on customer satisfaction and sustainable development, DESPAR Nord Ovest and Centro Sud are at the forefront of enhanced retail experiences with a focus on their environmental impact

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