Dierbergs Boosts Its Retail Media Network

"Dierbergs enhances its retail media strategy through a partnership with Swiftly, integrating advanced features in a new app to offer personalized shopping experiences and strengthen customer engagement."


3/4/20241 min read

Dierbergs Boosts
Dierbergs Boosts

Dierbergs, a prominent grocery store chain, has embarked on an innovative partnership with Swiftly, a leader in retail technology and tools. This collaboration has birthed a new app aimed at transforming Dierbergs' retail media network, enhancing the shopping experience for its customers with an array of beneficial features.

Launched in February, this groundbreaking app introduces the "On Sale For You" function, providing personalized recommendations based on each shopper's past purchases, suggesting discounted items or those with available coupons. This feature is a significant boon for customers, enabling them to save on products they frequently buy and enjoy.

The app doesn't just stop at personalizing shopping experiences. It also simplifies finding product aisle locations, creating customized shopping lists for more efficient store visits, browsing weekly deals, and interacting with Dierbergs' Rewards program, all designed to streamline and personalize the shopping process.

For suppliers, this new platform offers a direct line to consumers, allowing them to showcase their products to a targeted audience and increase visibility in a competitive marketplace. Laura Dierberg, Executive Vice President of Dierbergs, expressed excitement over the partnership, viewing it as a toolset that will keep Dierbergs competitive in the fast-evolving retail landscape, aiming to set new industry standards for digital shopping experiences.

Henry Kim, Swiftly's co-founder and CEO, noted the shift in consumer expectations towards convenience and personalization. He emphasized the need for grocers to adopt innovative digital strategies to meet these demands and foster customer loyalty.

Based in Chesterfield, Missouri, Dierbergs has a substantial presence with 27 locations in the St. Louis area, two in Illinois, and one in the Ozarks, highlighting the potential reach and impact of this partnership.

In summary, Dierbergs' alliance with Swiftly marks a significant advancement in retail shopping, setting new benchmarks for customer engagement in the grocery sector. This strategic initiative is poised to benefit shoppers, suppliers, and Dierbergs itself, ensuring the company's leadership in the retail industry for the foreseeable future.

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