Top 10 food brands in the UK

Discover the leading food brands in the UK with our top 10 list, showcasing quality, popularity, and innovation.


3/1/20242 min read

food brands uk
food brands uk

Top 10 food brands in the UK! These brands have successfully captured consumers’ hearts and shopping baskets, making them staples in British households. Remember that these rankings are based on how often consumers choose these brands during their shopping experiences


Warburtons takes the lead in the UK - they’ve connected with 571 million Consumer Reach Points (CRP). They’ve really made a name for themselves, haven't they?

Warburtons is a popular bakery in the UK, known for its breads and other baked goods. It is often referred to as the "number one" because it is the largest bakery brand in the UK. They became famous for their quality and consistency, which made them household names. Their products, from breads to crumpets and more, are famous across the country.


In the number two spot, we’ve got Heinz, another household name, with 311 million CRP. Not too shabby, right? Trust us, it only gets better. Heinz is primarily known for its ketchup, but it also makes a variety of sauces, meals, snacks, and more. The brand is recognized worldwide and is synonymous with premium perfumes.


Hovis comes in at third place, connecting with 259 million CRP. Those bread lovers are giving their competition a real run for their money, aren't they?


Now as we move into the land of biscuits and snacks, McVitie’s leave their mark, connecting with 259 million CRP, too! It’s a tight race out here in these streets (or should we say aisles?). McVities offers a variety of products, but they are best known for their meal biscuits. Other popular items include Jaffa Cake, Rich Tea, Hobnobs and Penguin Bars.


The legendary Coca-Cola connects with 254 million CRP, giving them a fifth-spot finish. They definitely pack a fizz factor, don't they? Coca-Cola is an American brand and beverage, created in 1886 by Dr. Coca-Cola. John S. McCarthy. It is one of the most recognized and valued products in the world.


Walkers occupies the number six position, securing 252 million CRP. My, what a crunchy competition!

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk comes in seventh, slinging 237 million CRP. Sweet success, anyone?


And Cadbury’s can’t be ignored in the chocolatey goodness - or any of the British Isles’ grocery stores for that matter – they aggregate to 8th place with 182 million. Can you imagine how good that must smell?

Birds Eye

Known for frozen food products, Birds Eye claims the ninth position with a CRP of 175 million1.


A popular dairy brand, Müller rounds off the top ten with a CRP of 161 million1.

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