IFE 2024: Celebrating Frozen Food

Join us at IFE 2024 to celebrate the best in frozen food! Discover top brands, innovation, and sustainability in the industry.


3/7/20242 min read

 Frozen Food
 Frozen Food

As the global food industry gathers to celebrate International Frozen Food Day, the International Food and Beverage Executive (IFE) is gearing up to host a diverse range of premium frozen foods this year, which runs from March 2013 to 2018. It will be from the 25th of the month Until the 27th at ExCeL London. Having covered the members of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) in the Chilled & Frozen section, we are delighted to introduce some of the leading suppliers and BFFF members that we can contact at IFE 2024 . . . .

Rupert Ashby, chief executive of Britain's Frozen Foods Association, shares his excitement: "International Frozen Day offers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and discover a wide range of delicious frozen products." available throughout the supermarket and food sector -And social make can enjoy seasonal offerings all year round.

"The British Frozen Food Federation is proud to collaborate with and exhibit at IFE. We're also thrilled to support the Frozen Food Pavilion, where outstanding companies will showcase their delectable and innovative products. It's a testament to the strength of the BF brand and a wonderful way to commemorate the 100th anniversary of frozen food alongside our industry colleagues and peers."

Among the frozen food brands participating in IFE 2024 are:

Royal Greenland: A world-class seafood company based in Nook, Greenland, and owned by the government of Greenland. Royal Greenland focuses on sustainable fishing, processing, logistics, and marketing to deliver quality wild-caught seafood from catch to consumption when it promotes well-being in the fishing community

Specialty Food Group: Global partnership and supply chain partner for the UK food industry, providing responsibly sourced, high-quality products with exceptional sourcing and sustainability credentials that impact consumers.

Greenyard Frozen: Delivering high-quality frozen vegetables to UK and European customers through operational excellence, whilst ensuring outstanding service and satisfaction.

Maris Seafood: Established in 2014, Maris has forged strong partnerships around the world to source consistently high-quality seafood, including Norwegian innovative sustainable cod farm Norkod and access to organic cod among

Newberry International Produce Ltd: a multi-award winning UK-based food ingredients company manufacturing a brand of frozen fruit, vegetables, bespoke smoothie mixes, frozen and other foods for personal use, serving manufacturing plants,; catering and retail in the UK and overseas

Tioga Foods: A newcomer to the UK frozen food market, importing a range of foods from Turkey and other countries. Launched in May 2021, Tioga has prioritized direct contracting with farmers to ensure quality and quantity control, reducing food waste. Now with a capacity of 10,000 tonnes a year, Tioga processes food in Turkish factories before bringing it to the UK, acting as a conduit between markets

H. Smith Food Group plc: A leading independent supplier of frozen foods in the UK, specializing in oriental fusion/crossover, and takeaway foods, with a wide range of frozen products for locations throughout the British Isles and Ireland

Lamex Food Group: Features a range of handmade Frozen and Chilled Snack Foods by its partner Global Gourmet. Lamex Food Group, one of the world’s largest privately owned food processing companies, operates in 17 countries and has annual revenues of £1.7 billion

Crown Foods: With a rich history spanning over 47 years, Crown Foods is a prominent supplier to the retail and food industry, providing responsibly sourced, fresh, and produced frozen foods with irresistible taste in their product ranges MSC Fish, Red Tractor Meat & Poultry, Meat-Free inside for & Party Food options, and WAT KITCHEN, a fresh and authentic ambient Asian noodle & rice snack meal for quick and easy takeout-style fun

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