Last Year, Global Pet Owners Expended Over €182 Billion

Discover Last Year, Global Pet Owners Expended Over €182 Billion. Explore the significant investment in pet care worldwide.


5/8/20242 min read

 Global Pet Owners Expended
 Global Pet Owners Expended

Global pet owners are increasingly loving their furry companions, with spending reaching a staggering €182.7 billion last year, showing an impressive 6% increase compared to the previous year which, despite ongoing economic challenges estimates from Euromonitor show a further 4.7% increase by 2024, throughout It emphasizes the sustainable love and care applied to pets worldwide

This financial furball puzzle is Interzoo's popular pet trade show which kicks off in Nuremberg, Germany on May 7 and runs through May 10. The event is a showcase for the growing pet industry, consumer trends, the market development, It also provides insight into the innovations that are driving the field forward

At the far end of the regional divide, North America emerges as the largest pet supply market, commanding a whopping €84.8 billion, followed by Western Europe at €37.9 billion and Asia-Pacific at €37.9 billion 26 .

Focusing on host country Germany, the pet supply market, which is predominantly within traditional bricks and mortar establishments, saw significant growth, reaching €5.6 billion in value last year of 2010, and showed a robust growth of 9.5% Pet food dominated spending, contributing € 4.5 billion Meanwhile, pet products contributed €1.1 billion to the booming market.

But the digital sector also had its impact, with online sales reaching €1.3 billion in Germany, reflecting a dramatic shift in consumer behavior towards virtual platforms Notably, 7% of pet lovers buy pet food online only, while 11% choosing virtual options to buy pet accessories is an indication of shopping patterns

However, despite the increasingly digital landscape, traditional pet stores continue to impress pet owners with their enduring appeal. These brick-and-mortar establishments offer a hands-on, hands-on experience, inviting guests to explore and interact with one of the products More than just interaction, they offer specialized services such as grooming centers, support about practitioner involvement and personal advice on pet care, babysitting for confidence and a sense of community among those interested

Norbert Holthenrich, president of ZZF, highlights the unique advantages of physical stores offering customized services and fostering communication among pet-loving people The ability to offer personalized opinions is where visibility contributes to lasting relevance in an increasingly virtual world.

Enter Interzoo, the largest destination for pet enthusiasts in the world, where more than 2,100 exhibitors from 68 countries come together to showcase their latest innovations. This major event attracts trade audiences from more than 120 countries, turning it into ideas, business and market insights that drive the pet industry forward globally.

Interzoo's organizing agency, WZF GmbH, Director of Exhibitions, Dr. Rowena Arzt highlighted the unparalleled platform where the event allows industry stakeholders to showcase cutting-edge products and create mutually beneficial partnerships. Interzoo’s unique mix of innovation and networking opportunities cements its position as a key driver in the strategic pet industry

Essentially, Interzoo acts as a beacon, empowering participants to create new boundaries and raise pet care standards around the world through a combination of incredible features and valuable networking opportunities there is nothing like it.

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