HCLTech News, HCLTech and IBM Team Up to Launch Generative AI Center of Excellence

Get the latest HCLTech news: HCLTech and IBM team up to launch a Generative AI Center of Excellence, driving innovation and cutting-edge AI solutions.


Andrew Highins

7/3/20241 min read

HCLTech News, HCLTech and IBM Team Up to Launch Generative AI Center of Excellence
HCLTech News, HCLTech and IBM Team Up to Launch Generative AI Center of Excellence

HCLTech, a top global technology company, and IBM announce a new partnership to build a Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) using IBM watsonx™ AI and data platform The CoE will be based on HCLTech AI and Cloud Native Labs located at London and Austin , TX.

The center aims to support global companies in customized AI applications, increase data capabilities and accelerate responsive AI workflows. Using HCLTech’s AI solutions and IBM’s watsonx™ platform, CoE will help businesses modernize legacy systems, simplify IT service management, reduce complex coding, and improve efficiency on the watsonx platform

HCLTech customers will benefit from IBM’s expertise in watsonx, allowing them to build, scale and optimize their AI solutions. The partnership seeks to train 10,000 HCLTech engineers and architects in IBM’s AI technologies, specifically watsonx.

“This collaboration with IBB will enable us to rapidly explore the potential of AI, leveraging IBM’s latest technologies to create a unique HCLTech offering,” said Vijay Guntur, CTO and Head of Ecosystems, HCLTech

Stephen Smith, head of service partners at IBM, added: “Our goal is to empower our customers to develop and develop AI solutions that enable watsonx to solve their business challenges. ”

The CoE will provide customers with education and training on various AI technologies, including watsonx.ai, watsonx.data, watsonx.governance, watsonx Code Assistants, watsonx Orchestrate, and watsonx Assistant, and will foster skills development and innovation.

For more information on the HCLTech-IBM collaboration, see the [HCLTech website](https://www.hcltech.com/cloud/ibm).

About IBM

IBM is a leader in hybrid cloud, AI, and consulting, helping clients in over 175 countries use data insights to streamline processes and reduce costs. Learn more at [www.ibm.com](http://www.ibm.com).

About HCLTech

HCLTech is a global tech company with over 227,000 employees in 60 countries, offering digital, engineering, cloud, and AI services. For more details, visit [www.hcltech.com](http://www.hcltech.com).

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