Hellmann’s releases 'Meal Reveal' app to cut food waste

"Discover how Hellmann’s releases 'Meal Reveal' app is tackling food waste by suggesting recipes based on ingredients in your fridge,


3/26/20242 min read

Hellmann’s recently partnered with Google Cloud to launch a new app called ‘Meal Reveal’. This app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to solve the common problem of 'fridge blindness', to reduce food waste by suggesting recipes based on the ingredients in them on the user’s refrigerator

Fridge blindness occurs when individuals have a fridge full of items but struggle to bring those items or come up with food ideas. Hellmann’s recognized this challenge and created Meal Reveal to provide a practical solution.

Meal Publishing aims to simplify meal planning and save time for users who often don’t know what to cook in their freezer containers. Christina Bauer Plank, Global Vice President at Hellmans, highlighted the unintentional nature of food waste, emphasizing that people don’t commit to wasting food but often do so for reasons their busy lives for the search of the unknown

App users can use their mobile camera to view the contents of their refrigerator, which can then be uploaded to the Meal Reveal app. Powered by Google Cloud's generative AI technology, the app identifies ingredients and provides appropriate cooking suggestions.

Lawrence Lafont, Vice President, Strategic Industries EMEA, Google Cloud, highlighted the potential of enabling AI technology to solve everyday challenges, and expressed interest in collaborating with Hellman to develop Meal Reveal as a solution another to manage food waste

The launch was unveiled during Food Waste Action Week, an initiative led by UK charity WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) as part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign campaign understand food waste and promote practical solutions to reduce correspondingly to |

According to WRAP figures, British households waste a staggering amount of food each year, equating to around 4.7 million tonnes. This waste accounts for eight food waste per household per week, with fresh fruit and vegetables being the most discarded

Every day, millions of potatoes, tomatoes and carrots are thrown away in UK households, contributing to the huge problem of food waste. Meal Reveal from Hellmann’s represents a proactive step to address this issue and encourage sustainable consumption practices among consumers.

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