Huhtamaki Reveals Composition of Shareholders' Nomination Board for 2024

Discover Huhtamaki Reveals Composition of Shareholders' Nomination Board for 2024' Nomination Board composition,


Andrew Highins

6/24/20242 min read

Huhtamaki Reveals Composition of Shareholders'
Huhtamaki Reveals Composition of Shareholders'

Huhtamaki, a global leader in sustainable packaging solutions, took an important step to enhance its corporate governance with the formation of its shareholders' nomination board for 2024. This formation of the board this new edition has four established members who bring a wealth of experience.

First, Anti Pankakoski plays an important role as a member of the Shareholder Nominating Board. As the CEO of the Finnish Shareholders Association is a known advocate for shareholder rights, Pankakoski's transparent corporate practices and extensive knowledge of governance structures will help inform the board's views on Huhtamaki's board of directors elections and remuneration.

He is accompanied by Lina Niemisto, who serves as managing director of Oy Julius Talberg Ab. Niemistö brings to the selection board an in-depth knowledge of budgeting and business development management. His expertise in financial markets and governance, as well as a strong track record in corporate governance, make him a valuable contributor to Huhtamaki’s governance structure

Matti Kähkönen, Chairman of the Board of Sievi Capital plc, adds significant leadership experience to the Nominating Committee. With a distinguished career of executive management in a variety of sectors, Kahkonen brings a pragmatic approach to governance and financial management His insights into sustainability and operational excellence will be essential in guiding Huhtamaki to his long-term goals.

Completing the board is Heikki Mairinoja, Chairman of the Board of Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company. Mairinoja's substantial historical past in pension fund management and company governance presents a unique attitude on investor relations and lengthy-term sustainability. His insights into hazard management and stakeholder engagement will contribute to Huhtamaki's efforts in handing over cost to its shareholders responsibly.

The Shareholders' Nomination Board plays a essential role in preparing proposals for the election and remuneration of Huhtamaki's Board of Directors at the upcoming Annual General Meeting. By ensuring range of understanding and perspectives, Huhtamaki pursuits to strengthen its governance framework and foster long-time period shareholder fee. The board's responsibilities include figuring out and nominating candidates who own the necessary abilities, experience, and variety to effectively oversee the employer's strategic route and performance.

Huhtamaki's dedication to strong corporate governance practices and transparency is underscored by means of the composition of its Shareholders' Nomination Board. The diverse backgrounds and expertise of its contributors replicate Huhtamaki's determination to selling responsible business practices and sustainable boom within the global packaging industry.

The agency's governance framework is designed to uphold the best standards of integrity, accountability, and moral behavior. By engaging with shareholders and fostering optimistic communicate thru the Nomination Board, Huhtamaki ambitions to align its corporate method with the pursuits of its stakeholders whilst creating lengthy-term fee.

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