Kemin opens big pet food plant in S. America

This response summarizes the key information concisely: "Kemin Nutrisurance inaugurates its largest pet food manufacturing facility in South America, marking a significant milestone in the company's expansion efforts."


3/3/20242 min read

The Innovation Center and a second spray-drying facility at the regional headquarter location in Vargeão, Santa Catarina, Brazil, have recently been opened by Kemin Industries. With this move, Kemin Nutrisurance's facility at the site becomes the largest pet food manufacturing by volume capacity of both dry and liquid palatants in Latin America.

To take part in the ribbon-cutting with Kimberly Nelson, President, Kemin Nutrisurance, and David Raveyre, Group President, Kemin Industries Worldwide.

Part of Kemin Nutrisurance's commitment is new, expanded laboratory space that will strengthen its Research and Exploration Services for allowing close collaboration with customers in all stages of pet food production. Targeting its current to new customers of Palatant and Protein throughout South America, the company's mission is to respond quickly to find accurate solutions.

V Lucatelli, General Manager of Kemin Nutrisurance South America, complemented: "The Innovation Center is going to add, improving the service to our region and strengthening our capacity. This, therefore, would mean Kemin will improve the efficiency in cost and the performance of current and upcoming products in line with the fast-paced demands put up by those in the pet food industry through its local laboratory.

This investment also serves to highlight the strong growth of Kemin in South America and the whole Latin American market. Since the purchasing year of 2008, Kemin has made several more additions to the count of their renewable energy sources, facilities, and capabilities, with the bulk of those additions going to the Research and Exploration Services.

Dr. Jason Shelton, Global R&D Vice President with Kemin Nutrisurance, said the announcement underscores a strong commitment to continued support of their customers in the domain of research and development. The company is keen on using data and analytics to fine-tune their offerings, ensuring speedy and accurate solutions to the market's dynamic needs.

It includes the Research and Exploration Services, which were revealed last summer, and a wet pet food pilot plant at Global Headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. This helps in the development, testing, and validation of different pet food products by having insights that could predict on a large scale outcome with ease.

Now, it adds to that list an Innovation Center and a spray-drying facility at its South America headquarters, poised to provide expanded solutions to customers of a regionally thriving pet food business. This development underscores Kemin's commitment to increased innovation and delivery of more value-added services to its customers across the globe.

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