Kikkoman's new Indian dark soy: Natural colour, no additives

"Kikkoman unveils their first dark soy sauce in India, boasting a natural, additive-free formula for rich color. Elevate your dishes with this culinary innovation!"


3/17/20241 min read

Kikkoman's new Indian dark soy
Kikkoman's new Indian dark soy

Kikkoman India Pvt. Ltd.. Appropriately named "Kikkoman Dark Soya Sauce", this new addition promises to deliver dishes with unmatched rich colour and flavor, and specialises in Asian restaurants, especially those that are staples of Indian Chinese cuisine

At the heart of "Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce" is its incredibly deep colour, a key characteristic that sets it apart in the culinary landscape. Due to the increasing popularity of Indian Chinese food—mixing Chinese cooking with Indian delicacies—the demand for dark foods has increased, as they are generally considered more palatable Other dark soy sauces in the Indian market rely on seasonings and chemical additives Avoid favourite flavour additives. Cooked in Japan Using the famous Kikkoman "Honjojo" soy sauce as a base a, this deep soy sauce not only adds rich colour but also enhances the flavour of the dishes

Since its launch in January 2021, KID has been steadfast in its mission to showcase the flavors of Kikkoman Honjojo Soy Sauce products through various products and marketing efforts. "Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce" represents a strategic response to local flavour preferences, with a particular focus on penetrating Indian homes.

Taking advantage of the huge popularity of Indian Chinese foods in ordinary households, Kikkoman aims to introduce its brand products to a wider audience With the launch of "Kikkoman Dark Soy Sauce". so the company seeks to raise awareness of Kikkoman Honjojo soy sauce, with the ultimate goal of making it a staple in Indian kitchens

To bolster the popularity of Asian restaurants, especially those focusing on Indian Chinese cuisine, Kikkoman plans to use a multi-pronged method. This consists of centred sales promotions, collaborative recipes, and occasions and cooking competitions to showcase the versatility and excellence in their merchandise

Looking ahead, Kickoman remains dedicated to its assignment of delivering culinary excellence to tables around the sector, at the same time respecting and responding to the precise tastes of local markets. By continuously innovating and adapting to changing tastes, Kikkoman strives to make contributions to the worldwide meal subculture.

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