Mars Is spending More Than $70 Million Into New Jersey

"Mars commits over $70 million investment in New Jersey, fortifying local innovation and economic development, reflecting its dedication to quality and progress."


3/25/20241 min read

Mars Is spending
Mars Is spending

Mars is spending more than $70 million at its Hackettstown, New Jersey site to upgrade and improve production.

Mars is a large manufacturer of candy, snacks, food and pet products. Heavy investment is being made in a new area called the Research and Development (R&D) Innovation Studio.

This new studio in Hackettstown will have a special kitchen, laboratory storage and space for people to work together. They want to innovate quickly in line with popular tastes.

Beginning in 2023, Mars began upgrading its Hackettstown facility. They want to make high-quality chocolate, so they create another premium chocolate-making category.

Packaging is also being changed. They work to create packages that are better for the environment.

Anton Vincent, president of Mars and Worldwide Ice Cream in North America, says they've always thought about making the best products.

They always want to be good and make people happy.

Mars has had a long presence in New Jersey, in Newark since 1930, and in Hackettstown since 1958. 

This new facility in New Jersey follows another new facility built in Chicago for research and development.

Mars has a deep history in New Jersey, opening its doors in Newark over 80 years ago and being a resident of the Hackettstown community since 1958. 

The opening of the New Jersey Innovation Studio follows the recent opening of a $42M Mars Snacking renovation followed by the development centre in Chicago.

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