Nestlé is enhancing packaging and waste management practices!

Nestlé is enhancing packaging and waste management practices! forging a sustainable path forward in the food industry. Through innovative strategies and partnerships


3/21/20241 min read

Nestlé is enhancing packaging
Nestlé is enhancing packaging

Nestlé aims to ensure that none of its packaging ends up in landfills or waste, a vision reiterated on World Recycling Day. 

The company emphasises efforts to increase recycled packaging and improve waste management.

Antonia Wanner, head of ESG programme implementation at Nestlé, highlighted progress made in reducing overall packaging, as well as increasing recycling and recycling or returning 

products to emphasise the inclusion of use Nestlé is actively involved in packaging design and supports waste policy, the regulatory framework and the rights of waste workers.

By the end of 2023, 83.5% of Nestlé’s plastic packaging worldwide was recyclable. Initiatives include switching products such as Quality Street sweets and smarties in the UK and Ireland to recyclable paper packaging.

Partnering with governments, industry agreements, and the public is essential to expanding waste management. 

Nestlé has worked with 220 businesses worldwide to develop efficient waste collection, sorting and recycling systems, including a £7 million investment in a new recycling centre used within the UK.

Partnerships such as the Blue Bag programme in Belgium and the Reciclados Cidades project in Brazil demonstrate Nestlé’s commitment to promoting recycling education, vocational training and entrepreneurship development

In addition, Nestlé incorporates recycled and renewable materials into its packaging, and recycled or renewable materials will account for 41.5% of its total packaging in the year 2023. 

The company aims to increase the use of recycled materials in products such as Nesquik, KitKat and Purina

Nestlé reaffirms its commitment to packaging management in the circular economy as it seeks to reduce its environmental footprint. For more information, visit

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