Organic Food & Eco: 'Bio Tech Iberia' by ROCA Defisan

"Discover the latest in organic food and eco living with 'Bio Tech Iberia', sponsored by ROCA Defisan. Explore sustainable solutions now!"


3/14/20242 min read

Organic Food
Organic Food

BioTek Iberia is an event dedicated to companies involved in the production and sale of certified organic products. This year, the fair will host the second edition of the Eco and Organic Retail Awards, a prise designed to highlight and recognise the excellent work of the best environmental retailers in Spain and Portugal. The nominations in the Estos prestigious award, or Estan Abiertas, create an exciting and competitive environment in the industry.

The event will take place on the 4th and 5th of June at the IFEMA Madrid Fairgrounds, and will mark the fifth edition of organic food and eco living Iberia with a number of special updates and promotions. Major innovations include a new exhibition space and a significant programme of activities covering networking, l and the latest trends d market.

She gave him a smile, and a smile, and a smile. According to Alex Suau, Director of Organic Food & Eco Living Iberia, this company has as its main goal to increase the visibility of the products and create business opportunities en a market that is expected to reach 15 billion euros en

With the support of sponsors such as ROCA Defisan, a company that specialises in post-harvest solutions to manage production sin insects in an ecological way, it expresses interest y el cooperation of the companies with the area ecology. In addition, the participating international exhibitors, as Argentina FFO, highlight the importance of the conference Organic Food and Eco Living Iberia to create opportunities for collaboration and global expansion.

The incorporation of Biotech Iberia has also received support from Ecovalia, an organisation that promotes innovation and environmental sustainability. Diego Granado, Secretary General de Ecovalia, emphasizes that this new location perfectly complements the fair’s offerings by incorporating all the latest technological innovations that promote sustainable development into the layout of the category on.

In addition to Bio Tech Iberia, the fair will feature areas dedicated to fresh organic products, organic wines and a full program of seminars and lectures by experts de renombre en la services provided by the show. This seminar will provide valuable information on trends and innovations in the biotechnology field, and will provide los assistantes la opportunity de estar al tanto de los avances más reciente.

One of the most exciting aspects of the event is the son of Prizes Eco and Biological Awards Iberia 2024, which recognises the innovation, originality and quality of ecosystems and natural products in their diversity categories. In addition, for the second consecutive year, the fair will host the Eco and Organic Retail Awards, which highlight the best environmental brands in retail in Spain and Portugal.

This year, the winners of the awards will be selected amid popular abatow, which reflects the community of the event to engage the community in the recognition of outstanding achievements in technical biotechnology. The trophies will be presented at the end of the ceremony, making those moments memorable for all involved.

Organic Food and Eco Living Iberia 2024, sponsored by Miscellaneous Communications e IFEMA MADRID, has the support of a wide range of sponsors and collaborators, assuring the success and profitability of the event in the ecological industrial sector. With its focus on innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence, this fair is an important event for all environmental producers in Spain, Portugal, and beyond.

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