Top 10 best packaging company

"Discover the top 10 packaging companies leading the industry with innovative, sustainable solutions that ensure product safety and enhance brand value."


3/1/20242 min read

packaging company
packaging company

Remember that the packaging industry plays a crucial role in protecting products, enhancing their appeal, and contributing to sustainability. These companies continue to shape the way we interact with everyday goods.

  1. International Paper Association

  2. Westrock

  3. Tetra Pak

  4. Amcor

  5. Berry Global

  6. Ball Corporation

  7. Avery Dennison

  8. Containers

  9. Crown Holdings

  10. West Pharmaceuticals

International Paper Association

The International Paper Corporation is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The company is dedicated to sustainable and environmentally pleasant operations aimed at maintaining greenhouse gas emissions-free via 20501 infrastructure.

Written by way of Westrock

As the arena’s 2d largest pipeline bonding organization, WestRock is established in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Formed via the merger of Rockten and MeadWestWaco in 2015, WestRock operates in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Tetra Pak International S.A

Known for its progressive meal packaging solutions, Tetra Pak makes a specialty of liquid ingredients. Their bottle packaging is widely used for milk, drinks, and other liquid products.

Amcor Plc

Amcor is an international leader in long-lasting flexible packaging. They offer solutions for quite a number of industries, such as food, beverage, healthcare, and personal care. Their activities are pushed by means of their commitment to sustainability.

Berry Global Group Inc

Berry Global is a specialty of plastic packaging, which includes containers, closures, and film. They serve a lot of markets, which include healthcare, personal care, and meals and beverages.

Ball Corporation, Company

Founded in 1880, Children’s Corporation manufactures metallic packaging for beverages, meals, and household gadgets. Their dedication to sustainability consists of the usage of QR codes on bottles to talk with clients.

The Avery Dennison Company

Avery Dennison focuses on labels and packaging. Their solutions are used in industries such as apparel, automotive, and retail.

American Company of Containers

PCA is a leading manufacturer of containerboard and corrugated packaging. They serve clients throughout the United States and are committed to sustainable practices.

Crown Holdings: Disclosure

Crown Holdings specializes in metal packaging for food, beverage, and aerosol products. Their global presence allows them to distribute their products extensively.

West Pharmaceuticals

West Pharmaceutical provides pharmaceutical packaging and healthcare products. Their innovations contribute to safe and effective drug delivery.

Remember that the packaging industry plays an important role in protecting products, increasing their appeal, and contributing to sustainability. These companies continue to shape the way we interact with everyday objects.

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