Stonewall Kitchen Returns To Portland's Old Port District

"Discover the return of Stonewall Kitchen to Portland's Old Port District, bringing gourmet foods, specialty kitchenware, and a touch of culinary charm to the heart of the city."


Andrew Highins

7/1/20242 min read

Stonewall Kitchen
Stonewall Kitchen

More than two years later, Stonewall Kitchen returned to Portland’s Old Port District with a new corporate store. The leading specialty food, housewares and personal care maker opened its doors Friday morning at 215 Commercial St. held an official ribbon cutting Wednesday.

“When we had to close the previous location due to circumstances beyond our control, we knew we had to find a way to get back into the community as soon as possible.” Stonewall Kitchen Marketing Specialist Jacob Ouellette said “We are thrilled to be back in Portland and can’t wait to greet guests again at this new location. ” .

With over 2,300 square feet, the new location boasts more than double the size of their previous location on Middle Street, and offers even more customer favorites in the Stonewall Kitchen family of brands in 2013, blending the company’s award-winning jams, sauces, sauces and breads. The store also has an extensive range of home goodies, kitchenware and gifts suitable for any occasion.

Stonewall Kitchen’s Portland location is open Monday through Saturday from 10 A.M. until 7 P.M. and Sunday mornings at 10 A.M. until 6 P.M. For more information, visit .

About Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen is a leading specialty food, housewares and personal care company headquartered in York, Maine. The Stonewall Kitchen brand was launched in 1991 by partners Jonathan King and Jim Stott with a range of unique and quality flavors selling jams and jellies at local farmers markets Over time the brand was expanded into sauces, condiments, crackers, baking mixes and includes everyone, always focusing on innovation, beautiful packaging and exceptional guest service

Today, Stonewall Kitchen is the leading food specialty and home appliance brand in North America, owned by a family of established quality products including the distinctive Stonewall Kitchen brand; Michel Design Works brands of beautifully designed and personalized home care products; the Vermont Coffee Company brand of high-quality, non-GMO, certified organic coffee; the Urban Accents brand of world-class spice blends, condiments and sauces; Village Candle brand for scented candles, gifts and accessories;

Tillen Farms brand of roasted vegetables and cocktail cherries; Napa Valley Naturals brand of olive oil, cooking oil, balsamic vinegar and wine vinegar; the Montebello brand of organic artisanal pasta imported from Italy; Vermont Village brand of organic apple cider vinegar and apple cider vinegar; and the Legal Sea Foods brand of seafood sauces and desserts.

The company boasts distribution to more than 19,000 stores nationwide and internationally; a comprehensive catalogue and internet site; a cafe in York, Maine; and ten sales companies throughout New England. As the winner of 35 prestigious awards from the Specialty Foods Association and a three-time recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Product Line honour, Stonewall Kitchen prides itself on being one of the most awarded speciality food companies in the country.

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