PepsiCo honours Tennessee women in supply chain careers

"PepsiCo's She is PepsiCo campaign celebrates Tennessee women, transforming supply chain careers.


3/15/20242 min read

supply chain careers
supply chain careers

PepsiCo honours Awesome Women of Tennessee, Ruthan Sir of Nashville and Kathy Marks of Knoxville as a part of its 0.33 annual She is PepsiCo marketing campaign, highlighting their contributions to frontline work on merchandise production, operations and income. As part of Women’s History Month, PepsiCo’s initiative seeks to elevate ladies to historically male-ruled roles by means of having their names and faces on the organization’s shipping vans, though has changed iconic logos

Ruthan Sir, a valued member of the PepsiCo Beverage North America (PBNA) team in Nashville, and Cathy Marks of Knoxville ought to make up two dozen nationally identified selectors nicely in the front of truck-like features half , motive force. Engineers and warehousemen. This initiative aims to empower women, encourage future generations and destroy down gender obstacles inside the body of workers with the aid of showcasing their achievements.

PBNA Southern Division President Heather Hoytnk emphasizes the importance of illustration, noting that women like Sir, Marks and other celebrants exhibit PepsiCo's dedication to variety and inclusion. Conditions are challenging and girls in the the front-line roles that explore it are paving the manner for a more equal destiny within the enterprise.

Despite increase, there's a gender hole in frontline deliver chain illustration, making initiatives consisting of She is PepsiCo important to making a distinction Commercial campaigns providing Sir and Mark in PepsiCo semi-trucks roaming Tennessee goals to increase consciousness and inspire people to pursue specific career paths

Special truck displays in Nashville and Knoxville give Sir Marks and other honorees a chance to be recognized alongside fellow local leaders At the Nashville ceremony attended by PBNA CEO Ramakrishnan, Mr. expressed gratitude for of the honor, for his tenacity and devotion to his craft The story he hopes will inspire his fellow Tennesseans.

Similarly, Marks, U.S. Appl. The retired Air Force veteran and forklift operator receives a commendation at the Knoxville event, where Mayor Indy Kincannon praised survivor Marks' resilience and commitment to excellence in Cancer maintains a persevering spirit and encourages others to relentlessly pursue their ambitions.

The Make PepsiCo campaign reflects PepsiCo’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of gender, has a voice and the opportunity to succeed. Through initiatives such as pep+ (PepsiCo Positive), the company prioritizes sustainability, human capital and community development, in line with its vision of global leadership in beverages and food a it meets the seasons

As PepsiCo continues its journey to achieve gender equality in employee roles and promote equal pay, campaigns like She is PepsiCo are catalysts for growth and positive change, both within the company and within the community all.

To learn more about She is PepsiCo and PepsiCo’s commitment to growth and integration, visit and follow @PepsiCo on social media platforms.

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