Tesco Ireland News They Launches 50 Biomethane Trucks to Cut Carbon Footprint

"Discover how Tesco Ireland launches 50 biomethane trucks to cut carbon footprint, reducing emissions and paving the way for greener deliveries.


Andrew Highins

7/5/20242 min read

Tesco Ireland News
Tesco Ireland News

Tesco Ireland introduced 50 innovative biomethane-powered trucks for use in its national distribution network. Biomethane, a renewable energy source derived from living waste, offers a cleaner alternative to conventional fossil fuels.

The project is part of Tesco’s wider strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and increase environmental sustainability. The new truck, replacing 50 diesel units, is expected to reduce tailpipe carbon emissions by up to 90%. Managed by Tesco’s transport partner DHL, the trucks will deliver goods from distribution centers in Dublin to stores across the country.

Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage Darragh O’Brien hailed the move at the Tesco distribution center in Donabate. He emphasized the importance of such steps, “With Ireland’s road freight accounting for 20% of all Irish road transport disposal, it is imperative that companies such as Tesco, and their partners DHL, helps reduce our overall carbon emissions ” . so far .

Tesco Ireland Retail Distribution Director Ger Counihan highlighted the efficiency and sustainability of its distribution network. “Our network is one of the most impressive in the country, with more than 1,800 passengers visiting our 177 stores each week. Switching to biomethane trucks will significantly reduce our fleet’s carbon footprint,” he said.

The biomethane fuel will be sourced from Irish and European anaerobic digestion plants, and trucks will be fueled at a new bioCNG station to be built by Flogas in St Margaret’s, north Dublin, Tesco says. It can pay for trips to any of the organization’s stores, without the need for fuel.

David O’Neill of DHL Supply Chain highlighted the importance of the project. “This initiative demonstrates the potential of biomethane in commercial transport and marks a significant step towards decarbonising Tesco’s fleet. Together with Tesco, we demonstrate the impact of a shared commitment to sustainable development,” he said.

Andy McGregor, head of sustainability at Tesco Ireland, said: “This is a pivotal moment in our journey to decarbonize our operations. Switching from diesel to biomethane will dramatically reduce transportation emissions and is an important step towards our goal of zero emissions by 2050 .” .”

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