Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2024, Japan's top running event, occurred.

The Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2024, one of Japan's biggest trade shows, focused entirely on running, was successfully held.


3/3/20242 min read

Tokyo is set to sparkle the streets on March 3, 2024, and the Tokyo Marathon Foundation has rolled out the Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2024. The three-day event, a highlight of Japan's running calendar, takes place in the iconic Big Sight exhibition center, with most of the offerings oriented toward running.

The expo opened with great brilliance: a performance of live calligraphy by Yuna Okanishi. She elegantly wrote down the characters with a big brush as the word 'Tokyo' and set up a vivid pace for the opening ceremony of the event. The gala of the event saw the performance of the marathon anthem, "Winner," by Tokyo Metro's Itaru Fukuda and EXILE THE SECOND's Kenichi Tachibana.

Tokyo Marathon

Tadaaki Hayano, the chairman of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation, gave a heartfelt speech describing the foundation's way of expressing sympathy for those who suffered from the Noto Peninsula earthquake by giving to charity. These included the distribution of local delicacies at the marathon, hosting of a virtual run, and setting up donation points at the expo, with the sole aim of bringing out the commitment of the foundation to giving back.

But the expo was more than running gear and apparel: the exhibits had a "Tokyo, My favorite place." theme, just like the marathon. Hayano encouraged the local and visiting runners to have a look at the countless offerings that the city had. And he emphasized that the race was designed to just do that—make people experience the race with an open heart.

After that, the ribbon-cutting with the special scissors was delivered by Okanishi, and he declared the expo open. It was then that thousands of runners, both local and foreign, kick-started their journey into the marathon at the expo.

In this expo, there was an Official Partners Zone with 85 booths of top-tier sponsors, among which were Tokyo Metro and ASICS. Guests are treated to the latest in sports technology and apparel, and the booth of ASICS is especially busy with lines of people waiting to test and purchase exclusive merchandise.

I had the opportunity to speak with some of the visitors at the expo, and Mr. Watanabe was enthusiastic about the marathon and the expo, comparing how big it gets concerning his home races. He missed the race entry this year, but he is a fanatic of this event and he has promised to come back next year.

The star of the booth was the Tokyo Metro booth; many visitors took photos with the cute mascot, 'Metopon,' and the booth staff. It had a photo opportunity for participants with their targeted race time.

Among them was Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura, whose wife was attempting a marathon run for the first time. Her husband was out of entry, but the two kept high spirits, waiting for the race and the post-race celebrations they had planned.

It also shared some running insights on the course of the Tokyo Marathon and, at the same time, got to share valuable nutrition advice. Cultural booths soon added that local flavor, displaying the rich heritage of Japan and real community spirit.

The Tokyo Marathon bears great dignity, as one of the six Abbott World Marathon Majors, with many runners seeking this event to become a Six Star Finisher. The record number of finishers last year gave a clear mark of global appeal and camaraderie among marathon enthusiasts.

As the closing of the expo came, it is not only the runners who went out inspired. Volunteers and visitors are all filled with the vibrant energy of the marathon, moving together to the next occasion of this celebrated Tokyo tradition.

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