The Busy Wine Market In China Won't Help The Struggling Global Wine Industry

"Unraveling the challenges of the global wine industry amidst Wine Market In China . Dive into the complexities with us."


4/10/20242 min read

Wine Market In China
Wine Market In China

The Busy Wine Market In China ! Australian wine traders are excited because China will drop new tariffs on their wines, allowing them to sell more there. But while they hope for better sales, the economy is tight in 2024, so they are not growing as much as they would like.

For 20 years, China helped the global wine industry grow exponentially. Many of the locals who became wealthy began to appreciate wines from Australia, Chile, Italy and France.

But people in China don’t buy wine like they used to. Despite the tightness of the COVID-19 market, the wine market remains small. In 2023, China will drink less wine than in 2017. And not many people are buying imported wine anymore.

Currently, China has many drinks that do not include wine, such as cocktails and craft beer. So, fewer people are buying wine because it’s not as special as it used to be.

A large Chinese wine company, Grace Vineyards, started making other drinks like gin because they wanted to sell more than just wine.

The Chinese wine market is huge, but most of it is baijiu, the mainstream Chinese drink. Foreign beverages, such as wine, are struggling to become more popular, especially since the pandemic has cost people so much money.

While some people in China buy expensive wines, many others prefer cheap wines. Thus, it is difficult for liquor vendors to make money.

But some popular brands like Australia’s Penfold still manage to sell well in China because people trust them. But it will be difficult for other wine exporters, particularly those from France, Chile and Italy, as Australia can now sell wine to China without paying such high tariffs

Even if Australia can now sell more wine to China, it will take them as long as it did before the outbreak. People still don’t buy that much wine after all.

Some people think China’s wine market will grow, but others don’t. While many people in China can afford alcohol, they do not drink as much as people in other countries have become wealthier.

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