Woolworths Reports Significant Increase in In-Store Assaults

"Discover how Woolworths reports a significant increase in in-store assaults, raising concerns about customer and staff safety. Learn more about the measures being taken to address this issue."


Andrew Highins

7/10/20241 min read

Woolworths Reports
Woolworths Reports

Woolworths has released alarming new figures showing that attacks on its stores have increased dramatically over the past year. Incidents of violence and disorder increased from 848 to 925, an increase of 9%. Physical assault, in particular, was up 50%, with 329 incidents reported compared to 219 the previous year.

Despite these troubling statistics, the use of weapons in these incidents decreased by 22%. Woolworths New Zealand store director Jason Stockill condemned the unacceptable behavior of repeat offenders, stressing that while the new security measures are making good progress, more effort is needed

As part of a three-year $45 million investment, Woolworths has implemented safety and security measures. These include team security cameras, a trolleylock system, dark cannons, double entry doors and anti-sweep shelving. Features such as pressure alerts can also be considered for team members in isolated areas.

"Even though our team is threatened and harmed in broad daylight, and the perpetrators are caught and go through the justice system, they come back and do it again," Stockill said. "We are pleased to see the focus on law and order and look forward to more work with the government this quarter."

Woolworths Australia recommends a policy similar to the Safe Workplace Order and changes to infringement legislation for retailers The company emphasizes the need for continued collaboration across government, industry and industry to ensure for the safety of their team members and customers.

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