Dairy Giant Mengniu 2023 Revenue Up 6.5%

Dairy Giant Mengniu 2023 Revenue Up 2023 sees a notable 6.5% rise, reflecting its steady growth in the dairy industry.


4/2/20241 min read

Dairy Giant Mengniu
Dairy Giant Mengniu

China's big milk business enterprise Mengniu made plenty of money in 2023. They earned about 98.62 billion Chinese yuan, which is ready 12.71 billion euros. This is a 6.Five% growth from the 12 months before.

They additionally made a take advantage of their operations, approximately 6.17 billion Chinese yuan, which is about 790 million euros. This earnings went up by thirteen.8% compared to the year earlier than. 

The agency stated they may be getting higher at being profitable, with a 6.Three% growth in their earnings margin.

Mengniu stated they have been confident about their business and made their shareholders satisfied via buying lower back a number of their stocks and increasing the cash they deliver to them as dividends.

In 2023, more people in China started buying dairy merchandise again after a slowdown. This changed into due to adjustments in how matters have been offered online and in stores, which made it greater aggressive. 

But, regardless of this, people are greater inquisitive about healthful meals, which include dairy, especially after the pandemic.

Mengniu targeted on making their essential commercial enterprise stronger and better. They also worked on making new and better merchandise. One in their popular manufacturers, 

Milk Deluxe, did absolutely well, and they also progressed their yoghurt logo, Just Yoghurt, and brought a elaborate yoghurt brand known as YO! Fine Diary. They also made a brand new milk for people who cannot have lactose, referred to as Yoyi C.

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