Jumbo Takes Steps To Make Cheese Production More Eco-Friendly

In a bid to promote environmental sustainability, Jumbo Takes Steps To Make Cheese Production More Eco-Friendly of its cheese production.


4/5/20241 min read

Jumbo Takes Steps
Jumbo Takes Steps

Dutch store Jumbo wants to make sure the cheese they promote is produced in a manner that is properly for the environment. They're teaming up with Uniekaas Holland and over 200 dairy farmers from the DOC Kaas cooperative.

They made a list of things that want to take place to ensure the cows and calves are treated nicely, and that the farm allows the environment. They also want to ensure the farmers get paid pretty.

Some of the matters they're doing consist of the usage of renewable power, making the farm greater green, and giving the cows best locations to rest.

Menno Wigtman, who buys matters for Jumbo, said, "We're able to make our cheese greater sustainable because we're operating together with the dairy farmers from DOC Kaas and Uniekaas Holland. 

We're starting with a large plan to make certain the farms are better for anybody. Over the next few years, we will hold operating with our partners to make our cheese even extra sustainable."

The first batch of sustainable cheese might be in Jumbo shops in June. By the stop of 2024, they need all their cheese to be crafted from sustainable milk.

Jumbo has been operating on having eco-friendly fresh meals for some time.

Guus Mensink, who leads the DOC Kaas cooperative, stated, "Working with Jumbo and Uniekaas Holland for a long term approach we are making our cheese chain higher for the surroundings. We're happy with that! 

Now, many of our farmers can enhance how they deal with their animals and the environment, and they may get paid greater for it. This facilitates them plan for the destiny, which is truely important for farmers today."

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