Ocado Announces Haythornthwaite's Departure as Chair Next Year

"Ocado Announces Haythornthwaite's upcoming departure as Chair in the coming year. Stay tuned for updates on the company's leadership transition."


4/4/20241 min read

Ocado Announces
Ocado Announces

Ocado, the UK’s largest online retailer, has announced that its chairman Rick Haythornthwaite will step down next year. He is leaving because he will be busy with his new job at NatWest bank.

Haythornthwaite explained, "I've been thinking a lot about how much work I have to do, especially with my new job at NatWest. I'll obviously be busy in the future."

He became chairman of Ocado in 2021 but will not continue after April 2025. Now he is telling everyone that Ocado may have someone else in time. Haythornthwaite, 67 and British, starts his new job at NatWest this month.

Tim Steiner, CEO and founder of Ocado, said, "We are sad to see Rick go, but we understand why he is leaving. He has helped us tremendously over the last three years coop giving us sound advice and making sure." that everything runs."

"We are excited that he will stay on as chairman next year so we have plenty of time to find someone new. We believe we can build on what Rick has done and grow the business successfully."

In February, Ocado said it would grow faster this year because its technology is performing better, helping it generate more revenue than expected.

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