Experienced Packaging Innovator Reopens Consultancy With Wider Expertise

"Experienced packaging innovator reopens consultancy, now with wider expertise. Elevate your brand with our guidance!"


4/3/20241 min read

Experienced Packaging Innovator
Experienced Packaging Innovator

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Experienced Packaging Innovator Reopens Consultancy With Wider ExpertiseAfter eight years, Scott Bionditch and John Adams are launching their packaging consulting business, The CANsultants. They feel both sad and happy about this change. Scott will continue to do consulting work, but John has retired.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our success, our customers, partners and supporters.

Scott is starting a new chapter by continuing his consulting business under the new name of Packaging Design & Innovation LLC. With over 25 years of experience in the packaging industry, he is the ideal person to assist you with your packaging needs. Scott has updated his company’s brand, website and LinkedIn page.

He has worked for major corporations such as Alcoa and Coca-Cola, and has been a consultant around the world. He can help with issues such as troubleshooting, packaging development and expert advice. Clients are usually manufacturing and packaging companies.If Scott can’t help you, he’ll find someone who can.

You can visit his new website Packaging Innovation & Design and send him a message.

Scott is also involved with The Canmaker Magazine and the Institute of Packaging Professionals. He is an Eagle Scout and holds several patents for what he did. For more information visit https://packagingid.com/

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