Nestlé tailors pet nutrition based on gut microbe data

Nestlé tailors pet nutrition using gut microbe data to ensure optimal health and well-being for furry friends


4/5/20241 min read

Nestlé tailors pet nutrition
Nestlé tailors pet nutrition

Many microorganisms live in dogs and cats, especially their stomachs. These microorganisms are called microbes and are what are known as gut microbes.

The gut microbiome is really important for our pet’s health and happiness. By understanding what is going on in our pets’ guts, we can take better care of them.

Nestle, a large company has developed a new device called the Petivity Microbiome Analysis Kit. It is now available in the US.

This kit helps pet owners determine which feeds and nutrients are best for their dogs and cats based on stomach bacteria.

It uses state-of-the-art technology that studies the bacteria in the gut and offers advice on how to keep our pets healthy.

Nestlé’s team of nutritionists, behaviorists, veterinarians and data scientists worked together to develop the kit. They specialize in studying the function of the gut and the various bacteria that live in our pets.

Pascal Steiner of Nestle says the kit gives pet owners valuable information about their pet’s health.

All you have to do is send small samples of your pet’s stools to the Nestlé lab, and they will send back a report on your pet’s intestinal health.

You can share this report with your veterinarian, which will help them determine if your pet has any gastrointestinal issues.

The report also offers tips on what to feed your pet to keep their gut healthy. This way, pet owners can work to make their furry friends feel their best.

Another owner at Nestle, Sherry Smithey, said they work hard to ensure pets have adequate nutrition at every stage of their lives. New technologies are used to create pet-friendly solutions.

This new kit is part of the Petivity program operated by Purina Petcare. Its goal is to use science to help pets live longer and happier lives. For more Information visit :

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