FreshProducePEFCR Defines Fresh Produce's Environmental Impact

"Discover how the FreshProducePEFCR defines the environmental impact of fresh produce, aiming to enhance sustainability."


4/4/20241 min read

FreshProducePEFCR Defines
FreshProducePEFCR Defines

Freshfell Europe represents the fruit and vegetable trade in Europe. They want to know what people think about their new tool for measuring the environmental impact of these foods. It’s called FreshProducePEFCR.

This instrument was developed because the EU wants companies to be responsible for their environmental impact. 

People also want to know more about where their food comes from and how it was made. This tool was developed jointly by Freshfel Europe and its members.

The goal is to create a process, database, and digital tool that everyone in the business can use and trust. They want it to be good for the environment and business.

Freshfel Europe would like comments from everyone involved in the fruit and vegetable industry. 

They want to make sure different points of view are considered. They especially want the opinions of experts in this area.

If you would like to learn more about the tool and provide feedback, information is available here.

The project is led by a group of organisations, including Freshfell Europe. Support is sought from others such as Wageningen Economic Research and Dole plc.

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