Heatwave Threatens East EU Crops, Relief for Northwest

"Heatwave Threatens East EU Crops, Relief for Northwest: Discover how the scorching temperatures impact European agriculture differently,


Andrew Highins

6/25/20242 min read

Heatwave Threatens East EU Crops
Heatwave Threatens East EU Crops

Heatwave Threatens East EU Crops, Relief for Northwest! Warm weather is expected across Europe this week. Analysts report that this will put a strain on winter crops in the southeast but benefit farmers in the western parts of the province.

Hot Temperature Forecasts

Meteorologists are predicting scorching heat across much of the EU this week. This comes as extreme heat and drought are already threatening crops in other major agricultural regions around the world. This situation is affecting the global supply chain and driving up prices.

The important role of climate in crop yield

As harvest approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, weather conditions are increasingly important for crop production. Any signs of deterioration or recovery could push prices higher. Recently, global wheat prices fell from 10-month highs on reports of abundant harvests and rainfall in formerly dry wheat fields in top wheat exporter Russia.

Southeastern Crops At Risk

The heat wave poses a serious threat to winter crops in eastern Europe and the Balkans, particularly in Romania, the EU's second largest producer of pulses Analysts warn that the heatwave will continue for another week or two, and it has threatened this crop.

"We're approaching a critical period. One week already will slow production. If it continues for two weeks like this, there's going to be a lot of damage and it could go very fast," said Vincent Brack, an analyst with the consulting firm in Strategy.

Yield forecasts were reduced

Earlier this month Strategy Grains had lowered its forecast for the 2024 EU maize crop. On Monday (June 24), EU crop monitoring group MARS lowered estimated yields of Romanian maize and sunflower crops from a five-year period, citing prolonged dry and hot weather as the risk factor which is the most important.

Western farmers embrace warmer climates

In contrast, hot, dry weather is good news for farmers in the western EU, where crop growth has been hampered by excessively long periods of rain since autumn

"French farmers will be happy. That's what they've been waiting for for a long time to boost their yields," Braque said.

Advantages of Northern Territories

Similar warm, sunny weather will help Germany, Denmark and Poland, where even crops have struggled after a long cold, rainy winter in a winter German grain analyst said, "Sun light will be good for wheat ripening", rice caterpillar -It will also help prevent infection, he said

Growth Adjusted Yield Forecast

On Monday (June 24), Mars lowered most of its crop forecast for this year in the EU, citing excessive moisture in Western Europe and drought conditions in some Southeastern countries said this Change reflects a variety of climate challenges affecting different parts of the region.

Preparing for a heat wave

As Europe prepares for a warming climate, the agricultural sector is on high alert. Farmers in the south-east are bracing for potential losses, while their counterparts in the west are hoping for much-needed relief. The impact of weather on crops will be closely watched in the coming weeks, with global markets ready to react to any changes.

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