Supreme Buys Clearly Drinks Owner Acorn Topco Limited

Supreme Buys Clearly Drinks Owner Acorn Topco Limited, expanding its beverage portfolio and market presence.


Andrew Highins

6/25/20242 min read

Supreme Buys Clearly Drinks Owner Acorn Topco Limited
Supreme Buys Clearly Drinks Owner Acorn Topco Limited

Supreme Plc has acquired Clearly Drinks Ltd owner Acorn Topco Ltd for £15m (€17.7m) according to media reports yesterday Founded in 1885, Clearly Drinks is known in the UK primarily for its soft drinks and bottled water when supplied by the manufacturer , who packs his products in bottles, glasses and PET bottles

Drinks has clearly built a strong customer division, serving 70 customers across the UK, including major retailers. The company specializes in private label beverages for supermarkets and discounters, and also acts as a contractor for many soft drinks projects This makes Clearly Drinks a revolutionary in beverages within the business, responsive to customer desires, It also caters to a wide range of possibilities.

The employer’s own drinks brands include Perfectly Clear, Northumbria Spring and Revolution Waves. These professionals supply all merchandise with calm and bright summer water, power water, isotopic vitamin water, juice, juice, area of ​​expertise coffee based absolute drinks, blends and energy drinks These products make it appear that drinks can capture maximum targeted, healthy to -conscious consumers to water that tastes good and is as pure as you can see.

'Diversity management'.

Sandy Chadha, CEO of Supreme, expressed his excitement about the acquisition saying, “We are excited to have Clearly, a premium soft drink manufacturer and brand owner. This adds a significant dimension to our broad diversification strategy.” He emphasized that the acquisition of Clearly Drinks will strengthen Supreme's business by adding a strong new segment that fits nicely with their current product range, including vaping, lighting fixtures and batteries , and sports vitamins and fitness products.

Chadha also highlighted the huge opportunities for Go growth and upselling the acquisition presents. He said Supreme’s growing popularity in the UK retail market would facilitate these opportunities, allowing the employer to benefit from its improved supply chain in addition.

Supreme's wide range of products

Supreme PLC is understood for its wide range of products, including batteries, lighting, vaping products, sports and activity nutrition, fitness products and branded family products The agency’s buyer base B capacity of flagship shops

With the acquisition of Clearly Drinks, Supreme PLC is poised to enhance its market presence and leverage new opportunities in the beverage industry, further solidifying its position as a leading provider of a wide array of consumer goods in the UK.

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