Hitachi Construction Accelerates Digital Shift with Oracle Cloud

"Discover how Hitachi Construction accelerates its digital shift with Oracle Cloud, transforming operations and enhancing efficiency in the construction industry."


Andrew Highins

7/5/20241 min read

Hitachi Construction
Hitachi Construction

A global leader in construction equipment and solutions Hitachi Construction Machinery has taken a big step in its virtual transformation journey by moving its major initiatives to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) This strategic pass ambitions to improve business operations, records management and general business enterprise agility.

The transition to OCI is part of a broader initiative by Hitachi Manufacturing Machines to modernize its IT infrastructure and take advantage of the advanced talent available in cloud generation By adopting OCI, the organization expects that it will improve gadget performance, scalability and security in order to ensure its Strong support's global functions

The migration process involved moving critical systems, including those that meet enterprise enterprise resource planning (ERP), providing chain management, and customer relationship management (CRM) These changes are expected to streamline business processes , reduce operational costs and provide real-time record insights

Oracle's comprehensive cloud responsiveness gives Hitachi Construction Machinery equipment a new and competitive edge in the manufacturing industry. The partnership underscores Oracle’s commitment to supporting clusters in their digital transformation efforts, helping them keep pace with the evolving technology landscape.

By implementing OCI, Hitachi Manufacturing Machinery is poised to enhance its digital capabilities, improve efficiency and grow in a competitive global market. This approach is the second important step in the company’s digital transformation journey, and sets it up for continued revenue generation and innovation for years to come.

About Hitachi

Hitachi Construction Machinery is a global leader in the manufacture and sale of construction machinery. The company is renowned for innovation, reliability and high timeliness, providing machinery and answers for international and diversified manufacturing, mining and forestry industries Their commitment to transformation seems it is authentic guarantees that they stay at the forefront of industry developments.

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