IBM Expands Software Now Reaches 92 Countries On Aws Marketplace

Discover how IBM Expands Software its reach, now available in 92 countries on the AWS Marketplace.


5/3/20242 min read

IBM Expands Software
IBM Expands Software

IBM Expands Software Now Reaches 92 Countries On Aws Marketplace! IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced a significant expansion of its available software portfolio, now reaching 92 countries through the AWS Marketplace. This digital platform hosts thousands of software catalogs from independent software vendors (ISVs), making it an easy place to find, test, purchase and deploy software compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

This expansion was previously limited to Denmark, France, Germany, United only Kingdom and USA , aims to simplify the procurement process, and introduce new and efficient services Notably, customers can now spend their AWS money guaranteed has been used to obtain IBM software.

The cloud market, according to a Canalys study, is emerging as the fastest growing category for software-as-a-service (SaaS) software, estimated to reach $45 billion by 2025, years five with a compounded compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 84% (CAGR). 

These marketplaces offer advantages such as reduced purchase cycles, consolidation of payments, and faster simplification of software implementation

Uri Becher, vice president of software engineering at Redis, emphasized the importance of IBM and AWS to his organization’s success. 

Becher emphasized a flexible purchasing process that is streamlined by purchasing IBM software through the AWS Marketplace, which offers flexibility, guaranteed deployment costs and rapid deployment

Today's announcement expands customer access to IBM's artificial intelligence (AI) and data technologies, including 44 listings and 29 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings These include Watsonx AI and Data platform components to build, optimize enterprise AI workloads , and empower them to control. 

Notable offerings include, a purpose-built data repository for open data lake home architecture, and enterprise studio for AI development In addition, two IBM AI assistants, Watsonx Assistant and Watsonx Orchestrate, there, with Watsonx. administration expected soon.

Matt Yanchishin, General Manager of AWS Marketplace and Partner Services at AWS, highlighted the joint efforts of AWS and IBM to empower customers globally with innovative solutions, enabling rapid digital transformation and scalable innovation.

The IBM software portfolio in the AWS Marketplace includes offerings, such as the flagship database Db2 Cloud Pak for Data, automation software such as Apptio, Turbonomic, and Instana, and IBM Security and Sustainability software, all built on Red Hat OpenShift Service AWS . 

These cloud-native solutions enable customers to deploy flexible licensing on AWS, including SaaS and subscription models, which address a variety of purchasing preferences

Additionally, IBM is bringing 15 new IBM Consulting business services and assets exclusively to the AWS Marketplace, meeting customer needs in data application modernization, security services, and industry-specific solutions This offering brings generative AI capabilities and industry-based services tailored recommendations and support leverage IBM Consulting's extensive expertise and AWS certifications

Nick Otto, head of IBM's global strategic partnerships, highlighted how extending IBM's software availability on the AWS Marketplace makes it easier for organizations around the world to procure AI and hybrid cloud solutions more efficiently, enabling their business transformation journeys to be accelerated.

To learn more about how purchasing IBM Software and solutions through the AWS Marketplace enables customers around the world to scale and unlock new cost and business benefits, visit

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