Metro And Fortuna Extend Partnership Early Until 2028

"Metro and Fortuna extend their partnership early, securing collaboration until 2028. Discover the latest updates on this strategic alliance and what it means for the future of both companies."


Andrew Highins

7/11/20241 min read

Metro And Fortuna
Metro And Fortuna

Fortuna Düsseldorf and Metro extended their partnership, extending their contract well ahead of schedule. Meanwhile, until at least 2028, the METRO Chef logo will appear on Fortuna's jersey sleeves, and METRO will appear on the team's training kit.

Metro has been a Fortuna partner since 2022, becoming a sleeve sponsor in the past year. With this new agreement, the Düsseldorf-based company will join Targobank, Adidas and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the Fortuna family of partners, with support for METRO offering a wide range of support services, particularly focusing on food and hospitality.

For example, the METRO Lounge, housed in the former boxes of the Merkur Spiel Arena, recently underwent a new catering concept and layout, drawing attention to the close partnership between Fortuna and Metro

Alexander Jobst, CEO of Fortuna Düsseldorf, expressed his satisfaction with the extended partnership: "We are delighted that METRO, as a Düsseldorf-based company, is even more strongly with us as one of our most important partners." in the coming years Expansion." of the partnership and one of another.” four years confirms METRO’s commitment to Fortuna’s chosen approach provides us with structural security, as a jersey sponsor and we are grateful for the trust that Adidas has placed in us as palm partners, all of whom have helped Fortuna for a long time now ."

METRO AG CEO DR. Steffen Greubel echoed these sentiments: "As one of Düsseldorf's leading companies, we are happy to extend our strong partnership with Fortuna in the early stages for another four years.

We are working closely together." in the food & hospitality concept of the traditional group, we are also in our close connection with Düsseldorf." We insist on being a city of sport, culture and hospitality in equal measure."

This partnership extension is an important step that underscores the strong relationship between Fortuna Düsseldorf and Metro, and promises continued cooperation and mutual support in the coming years.