Spar Slovenia Backs The Ljubljanica River Clean-Up Efforts

SPAR Slovenia champions environmental conservation by supporting the clean-up of the Ljubljanica River, fostering community engagement and sustainability efforts.


5/3/20241 min read

Spar Slovenia
Spar Slovenia

SPAR Slovenia demonstrated its ongoing commitment to environmental policy by meeting with swimmers, fishermen, firefighters and volunteers again for the 33rd annual Ljubljanica River clean-up on 20 April. Nearly 1,000 pounds of trash was painstakingly collected in this commendable effort

This initiative reflects SPAR Slovenia’s strong commitment to preserving the ecological integrity of local rivers and lakes, a partnership that has blossomed in cooperation with the Slovenian Diving Association since 2017. Almost 100 participants in which participants including swimmers, fishermen, firefighters and volunteers came together to Ljubljanica and its surrounding coast Cleanliness can be restored

In addition to the clean-up activities, this year’s campaign included presentations of wealth and culture from participating groups, creating a sense of community togetherness. The event concluded with a ceremonial gathering at the Barge Fisherman's House, which provided an opportunity to discuss and discuss the accomplishments of the cleanup effort

Support for SPAR Slovenia extends beyond this annual event, including projects such as regular efforts to clean up the Krka River and Lake Bled, which emphasize the company’s sustainable goal of providing a emphasize the sustainability of the environment

Vivera Miro Potochnik, president of the Underwater Activities Association, expressed satisfaction with the reduction in the amount of garbage collected annually, expressing positive trends From the first 4,000 kilograms of garbage during the cleanup consumption in the former, just under 1,000 kilograms of this year’s collection made its way to the Ljubljana market, further intensifying cleanup efforts.

Looking ahead, plans are underway to expand the campaign further next year, with the continued support of SPAR Slovenia playing an important role in making these efforts possible, according to Nsu under Activity Association recognizes the.

Operated by ASPIAG under license from SPAR International since 1991, SPAR has emerged as a leading employer in Slovenia, demonstrating its commitment to environmental responsibility through its corporate operations and on partnerships with independent vendors

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