Sustainability Meets Art Gathering in Düsseldorf, Germany

Discover how Sustainability Meets Art Gathering at the latest event in Düsseldorf, Germany. Explore innovative solutions eco-friendly practices in the creative industry.


3/29/20241 min read

Last week, a special event took place in Düsseldorf called "Sustainability Meets Art". It was the second event in a series on sustainability. This system showed that the Kohler Paper Graze area works really well.

The incident took place in Sturmfreie Bude. Artists, artists and people who work with print media all came together. They talked about making their businesses more sustainable.

During the event, people learned about new trends in the paper industry. They talked to experts at Kohler. 

Keynote speakers including Olaf Hartmann and Stephen Overcott shared their expertise. This event is great because it brings everyone in the business together.

Nowadays, people in the art world think more about sustainability. They want paper that not only looks good, tastes good but is also environmentally friendly. 

Kohler’s recycled paper is a good choice for this. It is made from 100% recycled materials and has a unique "Blue Angel" environmental label. 

This means that it is not environmentally friendly. Udo Holbach, manager of the Kohler Paper Grez site, says their paper is good for the earth and of good quality.

A major print fair called drupa will be held in Düsseldorf in May. Kohler will be on hand, demonstrating its sustainable paper solutions in the Kohler Group booth. 

It’s another opportunity for people to learn how to make their businesses more environmentally friendly. For more Information visit

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