Introducing Tastesense Salt: Kerry Group's Innovative Low-Sodium Solution

Discover Tastesense Salt, Kerry Group's revolutionary low-sodium solution, designed to transform your culinary experience. Unlock savory flavors without compromising on health.


4/12/20242 min read

Tastesense Salt: Kerry Group's Innovative
Tastesense Salt: Kerry Group's Innovative

The Kerry Group, which specializes in the flavor and nutrition industry, has recently unveiled a breakthrough innovation set to revolutionize the sodium-free solution landscape: Salt flavoring

This innovative product not only fulfills the pressing need for sodium reduction, but also promises to preserve the sweet and savory flavor that consumers crave.

At the core of TasteSense Salt is a wonderful fusion of the science of taste and cuisine. Carey mimics the impact, body and longevity of traditional salt while carefully retaining the essential flavor qualities

The team has developed a game-changing solution for the snack foods. Whether it’s enhancing the crunch of salty crisps or complementing the complexity of a snake's spice formula, testescence salt stands out as a versatile and indispensable ingredient

At the core of TasteSense Salt is the Kerry Group’s unwavering commitment to scientific rigor and innovation.

The company has exceeded traditional expectations with its flavor users, in-depth understanding of proprietary formulations, salt analogy, proteolysis and fermentation

As Hugo Leclerc, global division director of flavor fermentation – sodium reduction at Kerry Group, explained, "Reducing salt is not just an immediate brand; it's humanity's need and it's necessary to build a world of nutritional sustainability." there is always in it.

Indeed, the need for sodium reduction is evident worldwide, with programs such as that first emphasized by the World Health Organization (WHO) Given its central position in consumer preferences, foods and tastes have emerged as major goals for sodium reduction efforts.

With WHO benchmarks advocating for lower sodium levels, manufacturers face the daunting task of reconciling taste preferences with health considerations.

The Kerry Group recognizes this challenge and is prepared to meet it head on. Through relentless innovation and a deeper understanding of how flavors work, the company has had tremendous success in reducing sodium without compromising flavor

While a few profits may be phased out through stealth construction, Carey’s group’s approach is more incremental.

Leveraging its expertise in the interaction of salt in foods and formulas, the company has achieved sodium reductions of more than 60% in selected products

To illustrate the challenges of sodium reduction, Carey’s team developed a sodium reduction apparatus—a tool that illuminates the multifaceted nature of the taste challenge

By analyzing the whole taste as well as early, intermediate and delayed taste sensations, the simulator provides valuable insight into the complexity of taste modulation

Specifically, TasteSense Salt represents more than just a technological breakthrough; It embodies the Kerry Group’s unwavering commitment to culinary excellence and customer well-being.

While the company is a pioneer in innovation in flavor and nutrition, it remains steadfast in its mission to provide consumers with the knowledge and capabilities they need to meet changing consumer needs

With TasteSense Salt leading the charge, the Kerry Group is poised to redefine the boundaries of innovative flavors and usher in a new era of delicious, yet health-conscious snacks.Fore more information:

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